Legendary Master Sergio « Malibu » Jardim in Marbella

Legendary Master Sergio « Malibu » Jardim in Marbella

🇺🇸 Gracie JiuJitsu seminar with the legendary Master Sergio "Malibu" Jardim.

For the first time in Marbella, Costa del Sol Malaga.

Black and Red belt 8th dan.
World Champion
Rickson Gracie’s studiant

TBA San pedro Marbella
Calle chambel 3 - 29670 San pedro de Alcantara

+34 744 619 327

Price 40€
call now to reserve your place

If you want to Roll, Train,find a Coach
If you want to Learn ,find a Professor
If you want to undestand look for a Master

Master 9th degree Flavio Behring
TBA Paris 2017
Neflix Shooting

this is the first time that such a great degree comes to marbella. so do not wait any longer to register.
+34 744 619 327

Diploma at the end of the course signed by master Malibu 8th degree and Professor Bittan 5th degree

🇪🇸 Seminario Gracie JiuJitsu con el legendario Maestro Sergio "Malibu" Jardim.

Por primera vez en Marbella, Costa del Sol Málaga.

Cinturón negro y rojo octavo dan.
Campeón mundial
El estudioso de Rickson Gracie

TBA San pedro Marbella
Calle chambel 3-29670 San pedro de Alcantara


Precio 40 €
llama ahora para reservar tu lugar

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Si quieres aprender, busca un profesor
Si quieres entender busca un Maestro

Máster noveno grado Flavio Behring
TBA Paris 2017
Neflix Shooting

Esta es la primera vez que un grado tan grande llega a Marbella. así que no esperes más para registrarte.

diplôme al final del curso firmado por el maestro malibu octavo dan y el profesor patrick quinto dan.

🇫🇷 Séminaire Gracie JiuJitsu avec le légendaire Maître Sergio "Malibu" Jardim.

Pour la première fois à Marbella, Costa del Sol Malaga.

Ceinture noire et rouge 8ème dan
Champion du monde
Rickson Gracie’s studiant

TBA San Pedro Marbella
Calle chambel 3 - 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara

+34 744 619 327

Prix 40 €
appelez maintenant pour réserver votre place

Si vous voulez rouler, t'entraîner, trouver un entraîneur
Si vous voulez apprendre, trouvez un professeur
Si vous voulez comprendre cherchez un maître

Maître 9ème degré Flavio Behring
TBA Paris 2017
Tournage Neflix

c'est la première fois qu'un si grand degré vient à marbella. alors n'attendez plus pour vous inscrire.
+34 744 619 327

Diplôme à la fin du cours signé par le maitre Malibu 8eme dan et le professeur Bittan 5eme dan.

Stage malibu marbella.jpg
bittan patrickBittan Academy
Gracie Jiu Jitsu Marbella Sumer Camp

🇺🇸 Marbella is a city and a seaside resort in southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, in the Andalusian region. The mountains of Sierra Blanca serve as a backdrop to 27 km of Mediterranean sandy beaches, villas, hotels and golf courses. To the west of the city of Marbella, prestigious nightclubs and coastal properties follow one another for more than one kilometer to the marina of Puerto Banús, surrounded by shops and select bars, where luxury yachts line up .

We are pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity that is unlike any other: Three days of Gracie jiu-jitsu camp and Brazilian jiu-jitsu Sportsman with more than 12 black belts in the fabulous city of Marbella in Spain ..
Join us and live your passion for jiu-jitsu in a splendid setting of the TBA Marbella. Here you will meet and learn from more than 12 Black Belts and Champions. You can work out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in this luxurious setting.
The number of participants is extremely limited in order to preserve the privacy of the event and to guarantee the participants the maximum of personal attention from our teachers. It is essential to reserve in advance to reserve your space on the camp, because we expect it to be full quickly. This is an event not to be missed.
Whatever your level of jiu-jitsu, no matter where you come from and no matter which team you represent, you will benefit from the personal attention of the different black belts.
The training will take place in the new international center of Bittan Academy. The International Academy is equipped with the latest Olympic tatami and also equipped with air conditioning to overcome the heat. .

More than 15 hours of training over 3 days (Base on your level)
Beginning of training Thursday 4th July at 10am, end of camp Saturday 18h, departure Sunday 7th July.
You also have the opportunity to train at Kick Boxing & Muay Thai and Krav Maga in addition to Jiu-JItsu
Discover the mythical places of Marbella, Beaches, parties, training on the beach, ect ..
An unbeatable price for this Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Marbella Sumer Camp 2019, € 190 for 3 days.
You can come with your friends, members of your family for this great sumer camp of exception.

Master Gesias JZ Cavalcante Seminario JiuJitsu Sin Kimono

Master Gesias JZ Cavalcante

1ª vez en España

Lunes 10 de Junio 2019


Seminario Jiu-Jiutsu sin kimono

Precio :25€

Por primera vez en España, el gran campeón de MMA GESIAS JZ CAVALCANTE se entrenará en 
la legendaria academia de la Academia Bittan de Marbella San Pedro Málaga
Los cursos de Gracie Jiu Jqitsu TBA están diseñados para estudiantes de todos los niveles,
lo que te permite desarrollar un nuevo juego de lucha desde el cinturón blanco hasta
el cinturón negro. Todas las diferentes academias, judo, Krav Maga, 
ju-jitsu tradicional, sambo, grappling, libro luta y otros están invitados a unirse
al curso.la legendaria academia de la Academia Bittan de Marbella San Pedro Málaga


1st time in Spain

Monday, June 10, 2019


Jiu-Jiutsu seminar without kimono

Price: € 25

For the first time ever in Spain the great MMA champion GESIAS JZ CAVALCANTE 
will be training in the legendary academy of the Bittan Academy Marbella San Pedro Malaga
The Gracie JiuJitsu TBA courses are designed for students of all levels, 
allowing you to develop a new fighting game from the white belt to the black belt. 
All the different academies, judo, Krav Maga, traditional ju-jitsu, sambo
, grappling, book luta, and others are invited to join the course.


TBA San Pedro Marbella

Calle chambel 3 - 29670 San Pedro Alcantara



+34 744619327


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